The Concept Of Roulette Strategies

The Concept Of Roulette Strategies

Roulette is the number one game for recreational gamers trying to beat online casinos – playable with instant systems and strategies that promise fast achievement. However,

The concept of roulette Strategies is easy to implement, how effective are they and how can you minimize your risks? Check out the quick-start guide to strategic roulette.

Roulette is the world’s most deluxe lotto game – and its refined reel and table offers a much more complex range of betting options that games like keno! In fact, you can gauge your probability of winning before every spin. In addition, the roulette table has several betting options with high probabilities (and correspondingly low payouts); while it’s a fact that betting on low odds bets with level stakes isn’t in theory profitable, the ability to easily predict their outcome with statistical logic, means they are potentially very effective in conjunction with progressive staking systems. For example, even money red/black have a ‘near’ 50% chance of winning – so logically, the odds of winning with one bet during a cycle of 10 spins is very low indeed. To win with roulette strategies, you only need 1 winning bet from a cycle of 5-10 spins.

Risks and rewards

Some roulette systems have a logical probability of around 99.8% – which sounds like the holy grail when it comes to winning at roulette. However, the small chance of losing means that roulette systems can and do lose from time to time, and thanks to the progressive nature of roulette strategies, the losing cycles can be quite costly if you’re not careful! Once you’re aware of the risks, you can get gaming with a plan to combat the losing sessions and profit from the fast-win nature of classic roulette systems…..

> Use a small leisure budget per week – meaning you never risk losing big amounts
> Focus on fun – then any profits are just an awesome bonus!
> Use roulette bonus cash to try systems risk-free
> Use a strict stop-loss strategy with each roulette system
> Game with a low credit value – don’t be too greedy!
> Skim profits every week/session

Usable roulette systems

There are countless roulette systems to consider, including the high-risk high-reward Martingale strategy and Labouchere system. However, a measured approach used by thousands of successful roulette gamers is the dozen betting method….

> You need to spin the reel with no liability, so play with 1 credit odds, 1 credit evens
> Keep spinning and note down which dozen wins each time (low, mid, high)
> When you hit 5 spins where one of the low, mid or high zones doesn’t win – get wagering with the progressive chain below – and stop when you hit a winning roulette spin……